• I believe we should try everything - You never know what technique is going to be the one you fall in love with
  • Pushing the envelope - just do it - try- testing - then that way for sure you know it can either be done or not 
  • Ask Questions - huge community out there ready to help - never feel foolish 



‣   Etching Copper

The Big Kiln

Latest Addition to the Kiln Collection

Cone Arts 4209G 

Soldering Station

Soldering metals set up 

Loving All Crafts

Frit Station

Frits for Fusing supplies and storage


Lampwork Station

Set up for up to 6 Students 

‣   Painting on Glass

‣   Fusing Fun

‣  Easter Egg Fun 

Crafting Philosophy

‣   Lampwork - Soft Glass


Tel: 705-879-1801  or email :  dread@deborahread.com 

‣   Fusing Wine Bottle Fun

‣   Lampwork - Boro - Hard Glass

Working with just about anymedium makes me very happy

  • 2000 - Beading -  as I did not have much room for anything more than a small craft room . I was lucky to have a bead store and classes close by (in  Quakertown PA)
  • ​2000 - Could never find the right focal piece so started with PMC and go my certification  with Chris Darway and classes with Celi Fago and got my first kiln a Paragon SC3 (which I still use)
  • 2001- Fusing - basic - bracelets- twisted bracelets and color de verre with Jayne Persico 
  • 2002 - 2005 - Lampworking - soft glass and boro - lots of classes and teachers
  • 2003 - Painting on Glass - J. Kenneth Leap 

Studio  Photos