‣   Lampwork - Soft Glass

  • I believe we should try everything - You never know what technique is going to be the one you fall in love with
  • Pushing the envelope - just do it - try- testing - then that way for sure you know it can either be done or not 
  • Ask Questions - huge community out there ready to help - never feel foolish 




‣   Fusing Wine Bottle Fun

Soldering Station

Soldering metals set up 

‣   Lampwork - Boro - Hard Glass

Working with just about anymedium makes me very happy

  • 2000 - Beading -  as I did not have much room for anything more than a small craft room . I was lucky to have a bead store and classes close by (in  Quakertown PA)
  • ​2000 - Could never find the right focal piece so started with PMC and go my certification  with Chris Darway and classes with Celi Fago and got my first kiln a Paragon SC3 (which I still use)
  • 2001- Fusing - basic - bracelets- twisted bracelets and color de verre with Jayne Persico 
  • 2002 - 2005 - Lampworking - soft glass and boro - lots of classes and teachers
  • 2003 - Painting on Glass - J. Kenneth Leap 

The Big Kiln

Latest Addition to the Kiln Collection

Cone Arts 4209G 

‣   Painting on Glass

‣   Fusing Fun

Crafting Philosophy

‣   Etching Copper


Studio  Photos

‣  Easter Egg Fun 

Loving All Crafts

Tel: 705-879-1801  or email :  dread@deborahread.com 

Lampwork Station

Set up for up to 6 Students 

Frit Station

Frits for Fusing supplies and storage